Investment Banking Interviews: Do you have a chance?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Investment Banking Interviews: Do you have a chance?

Investment banking inteview - are you preparedSo you didn’t graduate from Harvard, you have no family connections on Wall Street, and you have no relevant work experience whatsoever… but you still want to work in Investment Banking? Do you have an ice sickles chance in hell of landing a job? Surprisingly enough, it turns out you actually still might have a shot.

Recently I spoke with a few guys at a new start up that focuses on providing kids the tools they need to break into Investment Banking.

The website’s called and they essentially pick up where most schools leave off when it comes to preparing students for a career on Wall Street.

And for good reason, most schools (aside from a select few) fail to provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to land a job in Investment Banking. Whether it be what questions to expect in an interview or how to run a complex merger model, most schools are out of touch when it comes to getting their kids ready to compete in one of the most competitive and difficult job fields in the world.

The guys that started the website originally came out of state school, had no connections with anyone on Wall Street, and still managed to land jobs at one of the top investment banks on Wall Street. They learned the process and after witnessing first hand, the disconnect between what most colleges teach their students and what is actually needed to make it through the iBanking recruitment process, decided to put together a website that gives students what they need to break into the industry.

If you’re still trying to get into the industry I definitely recommend checking out the website and shooting them an e-mail. They’re nice guys and usually pretty quick to respond.


For You To Guess said...

This is exactly my situation right now. I am an international student(which makes it even harder), I am studying in Wichita State University, I have no family connections on Wall St and no financial work experience. But my dream is to work on Wall St and I hope you guys could give me some advices and tips. Appreciate it.

Discount Brokers Pro said...

It's good to hear that someone is thinking of the majority of people who didn't graduate from ivy league schools and want to be in Investment Banking. With a tool like iBanking Prep students will be able to gain useful information to give them a boost in the interviewing process. With determination and hard work a position in Investment Banking will be yours.

Jeff Turner said...

We have a solution for those that wish to work in investment banking. Private investment banking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey,

I am working on a BBC Radio 4 documentary about bankers bonuses for a series called The Report.

It's a pretty straight thing - a measured look at why bonuses exist in banking, whether they are fair, whether tax-payer-owned banks should be paying out, whether reducing them in the UK will damage our economy... will have both pro and anti banking voices.

I'm looking for a real life banker to explain exactly how he/she negotiates/earns their bonus - who decides it? what do you have to do for it? what would you do if you couldn't have it any more?

Guaranteed anonymity of course - we can even disguise your voice if needed.

My email is

Would appreciate any thoughts.

Used your email form but it redirected me to some other tech blog.

Best regards,

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Anonymous said...

investment banking monkey is gone - advertising monkey came .....

kind of sad to see The Monkey to go :(

Anonymous said...

Good advice...btw, IBankhard on twitter has some interview questions also

Anonymous said...

I know a company in New Jersey called NHP Consulting LLC, its trademark is VitalVest. They provide new graduates opportunity to work in Investment Banking sector. My cousin graduated from Devry University and started working for them.