Investment banking and efficient markets

Friday, July 20, 2007

Investment banking and efficient markets

...continued from "The kind of shit that (often) happens in investment banking"

Having met Mike at the lifts, you head down to get a coffee. None of that cappuccino bullshit the silly little monkeys drink, and then ask for three shorts to make it stronger. You order an espresso - double. Mike has had a rough time - went home at four and was back at nine - he orders a tripple shot espresso.

"Oh, wait, make that a tripple shot macchiato - don't want to go overboard with the coffee"

Typical mike to hit it with a 200% and then retract to a conservative 100%.

Mike also notices the unwipeabl;e smile on your face, and smiles back.

"So, you're quitting or what?"

You chuckle as you think to yourself how great it is to keep everyone guessing. How can they all be so foolish. All they can think of is the measly exit! Amateurs. The lot of them. Don't they realize that there is a lot more to be had that a simple exit to anoter investment bank or some hedge fund? Haha.


You reply, amused at the puzzled face looking at you following your answer.

"So what's the deal then?" asks Mike "Why are you being so smug?"

"Mate, if you knew what I know, you would be smug too. What I know is going to make me Rupert's number one man, get me an early promotion, and basically everything I wan't, because I'll have little Rupert eating out of the palm of my hand"

"Hehe. Nice one, for a moment there I thought you saw Rupert with one of the secretaries or something and I didn't want to burst your bubble because that's common knowledge. But hey, sounds to me like you've got something good going here. I won't ask, coz it doesn't sound like you're going to tell. Good luck pal."

And that is how, as often happens in investment banking, you come across a dealbreaker and you're back to square one, as you start wondering who those voicemails on your desk are from.

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* said...

Really nice! Not about you having been put down, but the story! Hang in there, maybe McPuppet will see your loyalty and get you that early promotion.