What does a Junior Investment Banker do?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What does a Junior Investment Banker do?

In addition to being on the company brochure, you get asked to present in front of a group of prospective interns who are coming to visit the firm tomorrow. You get given the boilerplate firm standard slides, so you decide to make some notes to amke sure you get it right.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done. And that's from Lehman's presentation if I remember correctly.

Monkey said...

Thank you. Whilst the Monkey cannot comment on the source of the presentation, it can be said (with a very high level of probability) that this may have been a Lemming Brothers slide :)

On another note, the money will be happy to comment on slides submitted by fellow monkeys. Slides can be submitted to ibdmonkey@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Who prepares M&A and private placement memos in your bank? is this IB staff or research? it takes a lot of time to prepare 50 to 100 pages analytical docs, but where you find that time with all those pitches?

Monkey said...

Who prepares them? That's a good question, which I have been asking myself a lot lately. See, why is it that there is a leveraged finance team, but I do all the leveraged finance work? Why is there an industry team, but I am the one who updates all the industry comps and precedents? Why is there an equities team, and I am the one who prepares all the shitty documentation? Why? Why? Why?

Answer: because my seniors are so spineless and incompetent (read: they cant get deals of their own) so the sell me into slavery (doing the work of other teams as above) so that they can get a pice of the credit for other people's deals.

See? Beautiful, isn't it?

MRM said...

spent almost 10 yrs at a dealer and laughed out loud when i saw your post

great blog

all true, regardless of the host nation


Monkey said...

Thanks! The monkey is of the firm belief that anything banking related and the word truth should never come together in the same sentence, but is willing to settle for an exception in this case:)

yang said...

monkey, this is awesome! Keep it up.